FTA welcomes Games despite strain it will put on logistics

30th July 2012

For thousands of commercial drivers, the London Olympics will mean plenty of waiting in traffic and long detours around the capital that will only serve to increase strain on their tyres.

However the Freight Transport Association (FTA) believes that its members are well prepared for the sporting extravaganza, which got underway over the weekend.

Now that plenty of lanes across the capital have been commandeered for Olympics vehicles and other will be closed at various points throughout the day, logistics drivers need to plan their routes carefully to avoid all the commotion.

Some four million extra visitors are expected to come to London during the two-week event, with logistics key to the smooth running of all the participating venues and accompanying services.

Natalie Chapman, FTA's head of policy for London, said: "FTA has been helping the industry over the last few years to plan for the Games, now they are finally here, we have to be ready for the unexpected. 

"There will be vehicle breakdowns, collisions, burst water mains and protests – all of which will impact on London’s congested road network."

Among the tools it has developed to help drivers are an app for iPhones and Androids, as well as a dedicated Olympic microsite with all the latest traffic-related news.

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