Goodyear tyres could be a money saver for fleets

Goodyear tyres could be a money saver for fleets 18th March 2014

Fleet owners may be keen to invest in anything that can keep the cost of repairs to their vehicles down. For this reason, Goodyear has been engineering tyres with a view to bringing costs down for fleets.

It has improved its KMAX tyres to improve mileage and performance while keeping fuel efficiency and traction at its optimum. Meanwhile FuelMax aims to keep fuel efficiency as high as possible as well as delivering good mileage. The tyres will be on show at this year's Commercial Vehicle show.

Goodyear commented on the fact that although many fleet directors are keen to reduce their fuel bills, a number of them are unsure about the use of fuel efficient tyres. The reason for this is due to the fact that many still face sacrifices in terms of mileage.

Speaking to Commercial Motor, commercial director of Goodyear Marc Preedy said: "The Goodyear FuelMax tyre is a perfect example of our ability to decrease a fleet’s cost of ownership. The steer tyre was awarded an A-grade in fuel economy, the first in the market – an achievement we are very proud of. When you compare the amount you can save on fleet of 50 trucks that have the FuelMax tyre instead of a D-grade tyre you are looking at savings in excess of £200,000."

While Goodyear says that the fuel savings from the tyres will outweigh the lower mileage for long haul operators, it also explained that the full benefits can only be gained if the low rolling resistance tyres are added to all axles; this includes both the trailer and the drive axle.

One of the main features that makes the tyres more fuel efficient is due to their light weight. The economic benefits of the tyres have been demonstrated on the Stralis range of trucks from Iveco, having recently been selected for these. The tyres will be factory fitted to each of the 11 sizes required for the Stralis range.