High proportion of defected tyres among UK fleets, according to FTA

10th January 2012

A high proportion of HGV tyres were found to have defects, despite the vehicles in question remaining in-service.

According to reports from tyrepress, a recent study from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) highlighted the high number of damaged compounds on UK roads.

Collecting data over periods of four and two weeks, a total of 6,000 vehicles were inspected as part of the study, with an incredible 1,000 tyre defects discovered.

The results showed 28 per cent of defects related to tread depth, with 16 per cent linked to tread cuts and a further 14 per cent of problems linked to objects in the tread of the tyre.

Under inflation and puncture problems accounted for ten per cent of tyre faults while other faults included mismatched tyres, which accounted for six per cent of problems.

The results highlighted the importance of analysing tyre tread, with issues related to this accounting for nearly 60 per cent of all the problems found.

Speaking about the results, FTA director of vehicle inspections Alan Osborne said: "Our VIS team has analysed thousands of customers' tyre data and clearly drivers and operators should be particularly mindful of the depth of their tyre tread, especially with winter weather being with us."

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