Pirelli complete first test of Cyber fleet system

11th June 2012

Pirelli has completed the first stage of testing on its new Cyber Fleet programme – a system designed to transmit data about tyres to haulage drivers and fleet managers in real time.

The Italian compound manufacturer created the new system using a series of sophisticated electronic sensors and telemetry systems.

It is hoped that, if successful, the tyre monitoring tool could help haulage businesses to reduce staff costs when it comes to maintaining truck tyres and checking pressures.

The new system could also allow drivers to reduce fuel costs, with improved compound pressure a key facet of reducing rolling resistance.

According to HGV Ireland, the Pirelli tyres tests are being untaken on a large private municipal services fleet, with 13 HGVs equipped with the sensors.

The tests represent the latest initiative aimed at reducing costs for haulage businesses.

Back in April, transport minister Mike Penning pledged £9.5 million to a trial of low-emission HGVs on the UK road network.

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Posted by Danielle Barge