Report: Over a third of fleet managers fail to carry out regular tyre checks

11th October 2011

Over a third of fleet managers in the UK fail to regularly check their tyres for defects, according to new research.

Business insurance broker Swinton Commercial surveyed 1,000 fleet managers and found that 37 per cent of respondents failed to regularly check their vehicles' tyres for cuts or bulges.

Jolene Shaw, technical referral advisor at Swinton Commercial, said: "It is vital that fleet managers carry out regular checks of their vehicles tyres, especially during the winter months when road conditions are much worse."

The firm is advising fleet managers to routinely check their tyre pressure and tread depth to ensure sure they adhere to the legal minimum requirement.

Furthermore, drivers should also consider fitting cold weather tyres for the winter months, with winter tyres offering up to a 55 per cent reduction in braking distance compared to their summer counterparts, according to a report by TAV SAD Automotive. 

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