RHA argue fuel duty rise “hard to understand”

21st March 2012

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has described chancellor George Osborne's decision to implement a rise in fuel duty as "hard to understand"

Mr Osborne today (March 21st) revealed that the government was set to introduce a three pence per litre rise in fuel duty, as previously planned.

However, RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning admitted he was disappointed with the decision follow the previous cut in fuel duty introduced by the government.

He argued that the changes represented a "complete U-turn" for the government and could put yet more pressure on haulage firms already facing high fuel costs.

MOT testing and regular tyre checks and replacement already push up haulage costs.

However Mr Dunning warned that  these latest changes, introduced by the chancellor, will see driving costs rise by another £1,200 a year for a large truck.

"Mr Osborne has taken a wrong turning and is driving us in the wrong direction on fuel duty. His decision will cost jobs, especially in the more remote parts of the UK," he said.

Instead, he argued that a cut in fuel duty represented the only way to ensure businesses survived.

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