RHA back foreign truck charge plans

26th January 2012

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has backed plans put forward by the government for the introduction of charges to foreign trucks for using UK roads.

With UK haulage firms required to budget for regular tyre and MOT checks, many in the industry have hit out at the unfair advantage European firms have.

Under current rules, UK drivers are forced to pay to use roads in the European Union yet when these European firms visit Britain, no extra charges are incurred.

Roads minister Mike Penning estimated that these drivers cost UK road users and the British taxpayer around £1.5 million a year and is thus calling for the introduction of charges.

RHA head of communications Kate Gibbs backed the proposals arguing that the change could provide good news for both UK transport operators and motorists too.

"We are urging ministers to press forward with this project as a priority, both in terms of Parliamentary time and commercial dealings," she said.

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