Road tolls unthinkable, says RHA

20th March 2012

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has hit out at proposals from the government for the potential privatisation of the UK road network.

Prime minister David Cameron yesterday (March 19th) revealed that the government was considering a number of innovative approaches to help generate funding for national roads.

These plans include the potential introduction of toll roads on sections of the motorway network, which would be operated by privately-owned companies.

The money generated from these tolls would go into the pockets of these private firms, who would be responsible for the regular maintenance of these highways.

However the proposals have been met with stern resistance from the RHA with chief executive Geoff Dunning slamming the proposals as "quite unthinkable".

“Over £48 billion was collected from road users in 2010/11; fuel duty alone at £26 billion accounted for over half of that figure," he said.

"Yet despite the amount raised, just short of £10 billion was used to improve and maintain the current network."

Mr Dunning noted that haulage firms in particular would feel the squeeze of any change, with fuel costs and the regular maintenance of tyres and MOT check expenses proving costly enough.

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