Two thirds of UK fleet businesses use telematics

5th July 2012

An increasing number of UK fleet businesses are adopting telematics to help them reduce costs and improve fuel efficiency and productivity.

That is according to new research from car leasing and fleet management firm ALD Automotive, which collaborated with YouGov to survey UK financial directors who employ over 1,000 members of staff on the subject of haulage.

The results showed that two-thirds of UK businesses quizzed in the survey had adopted telematics to record accurate mileage readings and deliver long-term cost savings.

Commenting on the results, ALD Automotive UK managing director Keith Allen said: "Over the past seven years, telematics technology has evolved hugely, delivering a wide range of functionalities that can help businesses to better manage the costs and risk associated with their fleet".

In separate research, the firm also found that 87 per cent of business drivers would approve of having telematics on board if their fuel bill was reduced as a result.

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