Tyre labeling could have “dramatic effect” on fleets

Tyre labelling could have 19th June 2012

The introduction of the new compulsory labeling system for tyres could have a big impact on the buying habits of haulage firms, according to a leading industry software specialist.

New measures, set to be introduced by the European Union, will see all new tyres assessed for external rolling noise, fuel efficiency and wet grip.

Manufacturers will then be required to provide a grading for each with a scale of A-G in place to provide drivers with a clear idea of what to expect from their compounds.

The changes have been met with an indifferent response by haulage firms, with many quick to note that other key tyre performance factors, like longevity, have not been included in the system.

However CFC Solutions managing director Neville Briggs believes they will soon adapt to the system and ultimately benefit from the ratings guidance attached to compounds.

"Fleets are very likely to start rating and specifying tyres based on the information that is available to them and the labelling system will inevitably play quite an important part in buying decisions," he said.

Mr Briggs believes many fleet firms may then start to specify that all the tyres they use feature an A or B rating for fuel economy and wet weather braking.

"It may be that, quite quickly, fleets stop using tyres that do not score highly altogether," he added.

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Posted by Danielle Barge