Avon on track to supply tyres

12th December 2012

Lotus-on-Track has signed a three-year agreement with tyre company Avon, which will see the Avon Motorsport ZZR range as the facility's control tyre. In the first year of the deal, Avon will also be providing wet weather tyres.

The track day club, run by Lotus enthusiasts, is the largest in Europe and has run a number of different track competitions across the continent. Avon will be supplying tyres for competitors in the Lotus Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup Europe.

LoT takes pride in providing safe, reasonably priced and social events for all Lotus enthusiasts. The club also has vast experience, having ran over 1,000 events which include over 500 track days since its creation in 2006.

Although the LoT is a not for profit organisation, the 2,500 plus members club does require a membership fee of £30, in order to pay for marketing and general administration costs. There are 20 different track locations across the UK.

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Posted by Danielle Barge