Schumacher relaxed over Mercedes Pirelli tyres performance

5th March 2012

Michael Schumacher has laughed off concerns over the level of soft compound degradation experienced by Mercedes on the latest Pirelli Tyres.

The former World Champion endured a mixed day of practice in Barcelona, after suffering a one-lap drop-off of 3.3 and 3.7 seconds across practices of 10 and 11 laps.

Speaking to Autosport after the practice session though, Schumacher remained wholly confident of Mercedes ability to perform on the new Pirelli compounds.

The manufacturer unveiled the new tyres for the 2012 World Championship last month, with the new compounds offering a softer tyre that provides a longer performance peak for drivers.

Asked whether he was concerned about the drop-off and degradation endured by Mercedes, Schumacher said there were no concerns over his team's performance.

"We've definitely worked on the car and improved it; it's always a question of how much we've moved forward though. [Compared to the last two years], we're certainly much better prepared," he said.

Posted by Danielle Barge