Brawn: Q3 no show can have positives for F1

21st October 2011

Formula One (F1) teams which fail to set a time during the third round of qualifying are not having a detrimental effect on the sport, according to Ross Brawn.

A number of teams including Force India and Torro Rosse have decided not to go out for Q3 if they feel they are unable to get higher than the tenth place they have already secured by Q2.

The strategy allows teams to save an extra set of Pirelli tyres for race day but critics have claimed that it ruins the spectacle of qualifying for spectators.

In an interview with ITV, Mercedes' team principal Mr Brawn claimed that the approach can actually have a positive effect on the sport.

He told the news provider: "There are ways and means [to eradicate the issue] but I wouldn't always look at what's going on now as completely negative, he said.

"The crowd are interested in who's setting pole and having some cars at the back of the top ten with new tyres mixes things up a bit. So it can have some positives."

Mr Brawn was the former team principal at Brawn GP before the team was taken over by Mercedes. 

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