Button confident Pirelli tyres won’t be a problem in 2013

5th December 2012

Despite issues with Pirelli tyres in the 2012 season, Jenson Button believes that in 2013 he will not experience the same problems. 

The English Formula 1 driver struggled to keep the tyres in their working range midway through the season, winning only three races in Australia, Belgium and Brazil.  

Testing the 2013 Pirelli tyre during practice at the Brazilian Grand Prix, Button predicted that the previous issues will not be of any concern.

“One thing that’s very different with the tyre is how it works with warm-up,” Button told ESPN, “That’s something we’ve struggled with and a lot of the teams have struggled with this year.”

Button said that the 2013 tyre “has a much wider working range”, and will benefit the team by working well from the start of the season.

The tyre compounds of 2012 were unpredictable, which contributed to seven different drivers winning the open seven races of the season. The Pirelli compound suffered less degradation, meaning races often had just one stop.

However, the levels of degradation may get higher, with Button noting that the 2013 range is back to “tyres of old”.

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