Button: Harder tyres key to third-place finish in Brazil

28th November 2011

McLaren driver Jenson Button has claimed that the decision to switch to harder tyres helped him achieve his third place at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Most drivers at the final race of the Formula One (F1) season chose to use their soft tyres for the majority of the Grand Prix but Button opted for the harder tyres on his first pit stop.

This strategy allowed the British star to reclaim third sport from Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and finish second overall in the drivers' standings behind Red Bulls Sebastian Vettel.

"I just didn't have the pace on the softer of the two tyres," he said.

"We decided to put the harder tyres on for the last stint, and they really worked for me, especially in the last stint when I could hunt down Fernando. Ferrari I think struggle on the harder of the two tyres, and I was able to make the pass."

Mark Webber claimed his first win of the season in Brazil, finishing ahead of his Red Bull team mate Vettel who had experienced gear box trouble and allowed the Australian to go ahead to claim the win.

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