DeltaWing Racing Cars and Bridgestone Motorsports announce new partnership

6th March 2013

DeltaWing Racing Cars has announced that it has finalised a deal with Bridgestone Motorsports so that the manufacturer can supply special tyres to the team when they compete in the 2013 American Le Mans Series.

The products in question will need to be uniquely designed, as they are to be fitted to a distinct low-drag narrow-front racing concept vehicle which is in the final stages of development by DeltaWing Racing Cars.

Commenting on the new partnership, in which Bridgestone Motorsports will be taking over the duties previously fulfilled by Michelin Motorsports, Don Panoz, the managing partner of DeltaWing Racing Cars, said: "It just ties into the DeltaWing being such a unique, revolutionary car.

“I wanted something that represented that image. A shining, aggressive metal was what I thought of, and that was the chrome."

In order to honour the new agreement between DeltaWing Racing Cars and Bridgestone Motorsports, the racing outfit has opted to add a splash of red to its concept vehicle’s predominantly chrome paint scheme.

These splashes of red will be seen by spectators on the roll hoop of the aggressive-looking race vehicle, as well as just behind the concept’s front tyres.

Detailing why the changes in design were made, Mr Panoz added: "I think this became apparent once we would be using Bridgestone tyres.

“The only color they have outside of black is red. We wanted to keep it consistent. Before deciding on the chrome, I looked at brilliant reds or brilliant greens. We decided the chrome was the thing to keep it in line with Bridgestone and their colors."

While details of the new partnership were disclosed, both DeltaWing Racing Cars and Bridgestone Motorsports are keeping quiet at the moment in relation to the actual design of the unique tyres.

However, information gathered from the 2012 American Le Mans Series reveal that the new concept car will feature a front track of just 24 inches against 70 inches in the rear.

With this chassis in place, the concept vehicle is set to run 15-inch diameter tyres on both the front and rear section of the car, though the front tyres will measure in at a mere 100mm wide.

Another intriguing detail about DeltaWing Racing Cars’ new concept vehicle is how the motor will be powered by an engine supplied by the chassis supplier Elan Motorsports Technologies. This unit replaces a powerplant from Nissan that was used by the racing outfit during their inaugural American Le Mans Series last year.

Fans can see the new DeltaWing Racing Car concept car in action when it looks to complete two days of testing at the Road Atlanta circuit between today (March 6th) and tomorrow.

From there, endurance racing veterans Olivier Pla and Andy Meyrick will then race the vehicle on a competitive stage at Sebring when the 2013 American Le Mans Series gets underway on March 16th.

Such a date will be a significant one for Bridgestone too, as it will mark the first time that the famous tyre maker has ever got involved in the American Le Mans Series.

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