Di Resta: Q3 tyre strategy controversy has been overblown

19th October 2011

Force India driver Paul Di Resta has played down the controversy surrounding his team's approach to the third sector of qualifying.

Some Formula One teams have been critical of drivers who do not set a time in Q3 in order to save their Pirelli tyres for the main race, claiming that it ruins the spectacle for the fans.

However, in an interview with Autosport, Di Resta claimed that, even if his team did run extensively in Q3, it would be unlikely that they would record a time faster than leading drivers such as Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

He told the news provider: "Us not running puts us in a stronger position to fight with them in the race, so I don't see why there is a big thing behind it.

"There is a whole world of people working in this industry in F1. They have some specialities and they are doing the best at what they are doing, and different strategies apply to F1 like we used to see with different fuel loads."

The next grand prix takes place in India from October 28th until 30th.

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