Drayson’s battery technology could change electric cars

18th July 2013

Drayson Racing's record-breaking electric B12 69/EV car could be set to change the way that vehicles of its kind are charged.

After breaking the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Electric Land Speed Record, the B12 69/EV went on to secure third place in the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb. Some of its success is owed to its car battery charging technology.

Most electric cars are charged by plugging into a power source, however the B12 69/EV uses on-board QualcommHalo Wireless Charging technology. A pad in the floor of the car works as a source that the car can charge from.

As well as breaking the FIA record, when it reached 204.2 miles per hour, the B12 69/EV also broke the electric record at the Festival of Speed. Lord Drayson, chief executive of Drayson Racing Technologies, says that while electric cars have not yet caught up with combustion engines they will in the future.

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