Good tyre quality is ‘crucial’ to car safety

7th October 2011

Motorists should ensure their tyres are roadworthy before hitting the road each time as they are a crucial aspect of road safety, it has been claimed.

Ahead of Irish Road Safety Week, which starts on October 10th, the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) and the country's Road Safety Authority (RSA) have reminded drivers of the dire consequences of illegal, under-inflated or sub-standard tyres.

"We all know it's a good idea to check our tyres regularly, but the truth is the average Irish motorist doesn't always give tyres the attention they deserve," said ITIA president Brian O'Neill.

"Overlooking your tyres is a mistake. When it comes to the roadworthiness of your car, and the safety of the people travelling in it, few things are more critical than a good set of properly selected, professionally fitted, correctly inflated tyres."

More than 106,076 tyre-related issues were found in the 560,000 vehicles tested in Ireland during the NCT, the country's MoT equivalent, in the first six months of this year, according to Ireland's RSA.

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