Hamilton gets third consecutive F1 win

Hamilton gets third consecutive F1 win 22nd April 2014

British driver Lewis Hamilton has managed to score his third Formula One (F1) win in a row in Shanghai on Sunday (April 20th).

Following on from his victories at Bahrain and Malaysia, the Shanghai win marks the 25th one of Hamilton's career. This puts him on a level with Mercedes team boss Niki Lauda and former British racing driver Jim Clark.

He led the 54-lap race from the start, sometimes getting ahead of his rivals by more than a second per lap.

Hamilton also beat his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg by 18 seconds. The championship leader got off to a slow start and dropped to as low as seventh position during the race, although he eventually managed to claw back second place.

The race meant that this was the third in a row where the Mercedes team had managed to achieve a one-two finish.

Prior to the race, drivers were advised to warm up their Pirelli tyres as changing temperatures and chances of rain meant that there was a higher risk of graining and lesser grip. To do this, they had to put more heat and energy into the tyres during the out lap so that the tyre compound could generate more grip for the rest of the race.

Failure to do this would result in an increased risk of graining, which is where the tyres do not bond with the asphalt surface and end up skating across it instead.

Hamilton explained that keeping the temperature up in the vehicle was something that he was trying to focus on throughout the race.

He told Reuters: "[I was] Really trying to keep temperature in the tyres, pushing a little bit more, just to keep temperature up and the car was great."

Following this race, Rosberg has managed to maintain a lead in the overall standings with 79 points. However, Hamilton is not far behind as he had 75 points. In third place is Ferrari racer Fernando Alonso, who also got a podium finish at Shanghai and now has 41 points overall.

Posted by Danielle Barge