Jenson Button praises Pirelli’s new F1 tyres

6th February 2013

McLaren Formula One (F1) ace Jenson Button is confident that the motorsport's new range of Pirelli tyres can help in his bid to finally win a second world championship.

The Brit was last at the top of the pecking order in F1 back in 2009 when racing the Brawn-Mercedes, but has since being pipped to the post by Red Bull star Sebastian Vettel for the past three seasons running.

However, Button believes that the new 2013 McLaren MP4-28 car, complete with brand-new Pirelli tyres, has the capability to be a championship-winning vehicle in the upcoming campaign.

The new Pirelli products have been designed to offer grip at a wider range of temperatures, while also wearing faster when out on the track.

Commenting on these design features, Button said: "The tyres are very different in 2013. I'm sure they look pretty similar but the feeling is very different and the idea is to have a tyre that works a lot easier in terms of temperature with a wider range and degrades more.

"Hopefully we will see more pit stops and both of us will enjoy that. I feel this will work better for my style of driving and how the MP4-28 works."

The 2013 F1 season gets underway on March 17th with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

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