Lewis Hamilton wins Malaysian F1

Lewis Hamilton wins Malaysian F1 31st March 2014

British racer Lewis Hamilton had a steady cruise to victory at the Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix in Malaysia on March 30th, leading from pole position to the end of the race.

The Mercedes racer beat his nearest opponent by 17.3 seconds, which was his teammate Nico Rosberg. This is the first time that Mercedes had acquired a one-two victory since 1955.

Hamilton had never had a victory on the Sepang track before and it was his first victory since racing in Hungary last season.

He was able to achieve the fastest lap this weekend and, although Rosberg remains in the lead for this season's overall standing, Hamilton has now risen up to second place and is 18 points behind.

Sebastian Vettel made a play to defend his title of World Champion but finished 24.5 seconds behind Hamilton. Nevertheless, he was able to claim third place and 15 points by the end of the race.

Meanwhile, his Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo was forced to pull out of the race three laps from the end.

To make way for the extreme conditions that the drivers were to face at this weekend's race, Pirelli unveiled its hardest compound yet for the drivers. They had the choice between the P Zero Orange hard and the P Zero White medium.

The reason why hard tyres were needed for the race was down to the changing nature and feel of the Sepang track. It is known for its abrasive tarmac and the weather is known to change from extreme heat to a monsoon in mere minutes, making it tough to predict what conditions the vehicle wheels will be under.

Pirelli said that although the new range of tyres were designed to be extra strong and less likely to degrade, they would still maintain the sporting characteristics and performance that has come to be expected from them.

The Sepang race was the second that the tyres had been used in and marked the debut of the Pirelli hard tyre for 2014.

Posted by Danielle Barge