‘Looking after tyres’ crucial to Hamilton’s win

31st July 2012

In his first few seasons and rise to world champion, Lewis Hamilton had something of a reputation for taking risks and pushing his car as hard as possible.

This put him at great odds with the likes of Jenson Button, who has always boasted something of a smooth driving style.

While each has its merits, it appears that Lewis is opening up to more varied approaches to his racing, crediting the recent win in Hungary to the way he was able to manage and preserve his Pirelli tyres.

The MacLaren man was delighted with the weekend's win, his second of the season, and said that he'll cherish it all the more for the fact that it was one of the toughest races of his career.

''I was under a lot of pressure throughout all 69 laps,'' said Hamilton, who sits fourth in the driver's standings, 47 points behind leader Fernando Alonso.

''First, Romain (Grosjean) and then Kimi (Raikkonen) were right behind me, all the way through, and I had to look after my tyres without letting my pace drop, which was pretty tricky at times."

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Posted by Danielle Barge