McLaren boss praises tyres for adding “dynamic” to F1 Season

f1 23rd November 2011

McClaren managing director Jonathan Neale has praised Formula One tyre manufacturers for adding a "dynamic to the challenge for drivers" this season.

Mr Neale made the comments during the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in held yesterday (November 22nd).

The McClaren boss singled out Formula One tyre manufacturers for creating a compound that traded "outright pace for longevity".

He felt that this seasons tyres favoured driving skills over speed and tested the driving ability of the competing racers throughout the course of the season.

According to Mr Neale this "added a dynamic to the challenge for the drivers" who were not able to simply rely on speed or car superiority to gain places on the grid.

The McClaren chief singled out Pirelli tyres for particular praise too, highlighting the fact that the Italian manufacturer had been "very good at managing all of the teams' expectations".

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Posted by Danielle Barge