McLaren’s Whitmarsh targets improvement on tyres

23rd April 2012

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh believes that a greater understanding of the properties of the Pirelli tyres used in the sport will be fundamental if they are to enjoy any success this season.

The assessment follows a disappointing day of racing for McClaren and its British driving duo of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, who failed to make an impact at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

It had all started so promisingly for the pair, with Hamilton and Button placed fourth and second on the grid respectively, following an impressive qualifying session.

However, the twosome proved sluggish once the race started, with the drivers from Lotus and Red Bull stealing the early initiative in the race.

Hamilton, who had led the driver's championship going into the race, eventually finished eighth while Button was forced to retire from the track.

Speaking to Autosport, Mr Whitmarsh admitted the team needed to work on how it was "using those tyres" during the race.

"The inherent performance of the car is there, you could see it in qualifying," he said.

"So then when you stand back, it has to be how we exploit those tyres. And here we were killing the rear tyres, and that made it very difficult for the drivers."

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