Michelin boss eager to learn from Deltawing

7th February 2012

Michelin motorsports manager Silvia Mammone is hoping that the new tyres designed for the new DeltaWing car will help the French manufacturer learn more about improving its compounds.

The new Project 56 DeltaWing car is set to race at the 2012 edition of the 24 Hours Le Mans race scheduled for June.

Created specially for the smaller, more economic DeltaWing car, Michelin's new tyres for the front of the car are less than 23 inches tall and have a tread which is just four inches wide.

This is some way smaller than the traditional Michelin tyres used by the 2011 winning car the Audi R18 TDI turbocharged-diesel prototype which were 28 inches tall with 14 inches of tread.

The idea behind the collaborative project has been to design a car using have del the resources of an ordinary vehicle yet offering a competitive race to traditionally manufactured ones.

Michelin have evidently relished the experience too, with Mr Mammone confessing that the manufacturer "races to learn and races to win".

“There is tremendous focus in the auto industry worldwide on making vehicles lighter without sacrificing performance, and we hope to learn a great deal from our collaboration with the DeltaWing program," he said.

The new tyres are set to be trialled in wind tunnel tests later this month

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