Minimal tyre data collected in Jerez, more to come in Bahrain

Minimal tyre data collected in Jerez, more to come in Bahrain 4th February 2014

Pirelli tyres has revealed that very minimal tyre data was collected in the first testing session of the new Formula One (F1) season, however the manufacturer has predicted that future tests in Bahrain will rectify this issue.

The test in Spain was marred by a number of mechanical failures for just about every team in the paddock, which significantly limited running time. New rules and regulations have transformed the cars and many teams are still getting to grips with their new vehicles.

The opening day of running was extremely quiet, with just 93 laps completed from eight drivers. Activity ramped up throughout the testing, with 688 laps completed on the final day.

Despite the reduced running time, teams were able to have their first taste of Pirelli's 2014 tyre range, which features new compounds and constructions. The teams also tried out Pirelli's new Cinturato Green intermediate and Cinturato Blue wet tyre on the second day, the first dedicated wet weather testing day.

More rain then fell on Friday, providing another opportunity for Pirelli and the teams to test the manufacturer's bespoke ‘winter’ version of the hard tyre.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director, said: “The emphasis was not on tyres during this test: instead the teams were simply trying to get an understanding of this radical new set of regulations and put the first kilometres onto their cars. With so much to understand about the new power units and aerodynamic rules, the teams aimed simply to increase their knowledge about the cars."

He went on to note that upcoming tests in Bahrain will enable teams to focus on tyres a little more, following two weeks of further development.

"We too are completely open, flexible and ready to adapt our tyres should the tests in Bahrain, where more meaningful running will take place, identify any need to do so. This year’s test regulations stipulate a day of wet weather running, which we were able to carry out on Wednesday morning. With more rain falling on Friday, the teams had the opportunity to try out the wet-weather compounds before using them in race conditions," he concluded.

Posted by Danielle Barge