New campaign highlights drink-drive dangers

23rd December 2013

A new video-based campaign has been launched by road safety website THINK! that aims to inform motorists of the danger of driving the morning after consuming alcohol.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, many people drink more alcohol than they would on a normal basis and can be tempted to get behind the wheel.

However, the campaign reveals how important it is that motorists do not drive their vehicle the morning after drinking alcohol.

The video is the first created deliberately using a drunk presenter and shows him the day after drinking alcohol.

He talks about how his body is still over the limit the day after an evening of consuming alcohol and tries to mime along to his own drunken voice he recorded the night before.

The man says: "The voice you’re hearing is mine; it was recorded last night, after I had a few pints…because alcohol takes so long to pass through my body, even though I feel sober now, my body is still drunk."

The video ends with the statement: "To your body, the morning after is still the night before."

Road safety minister Robert Goodwill said: "Even if you look and feel sober the morning after drinking, your body may still be way over the limit."

The video also indicates the snowball effect a conviction for drink-driving can have.

These include a criminal record, a 12-month driving ban and the possibility of a prison sentence.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the cost of a conviction could be up to £50,000. This figure is based on someone losing their job as a result of the conviction, the maximum possible fine and the rise in their insurance premiums.

Mr Goodwill added: "The message is clear; if you are going to drink, don’t even consider driving, and think very carefully about whether you are really safe to drive in the morning. It can have devastating effects on your life and on the lives of other people."

Posted by Danielle Barge