New Goodyear Dunlop tyres could help racing and beyond

27th April 2012

An innovative new tyre has been developed that is designed to warned drivers when it is time to change their compounds.

Experts at Goodyear Dunlop in Birmingham, who wanted to create a special tyre that told motorsport teams when it is time for a pitstop, put the new designs together.

The new tyres utilise a special internal sensor or radio frequency identification tag, which is embedded within the rubber and tells users exactly how many miles the compound has travelled during a race.

It could ensure drivers enjoy optimum performance during competitions like Formula One while also reinforcing the safety of motorsports in general.

A similar technology is already used by haulage firms to assess how many miles a tyre has completed during a delivery, as well as providing information on inflation levels and tread quality.

Ordinary motorists may also one day benefit from the new technology, which could provide useful information on when tyres need replacing, thus reducing the potential danger of bald compounds.

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Posted by Danielle Barge