Pirelli backs mid-season F1 test plans

8th September 2011

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has backed plans for the re-introduction of mid-season tests into the Formula One (F1) calendar next season.

Currently, F1 teams are banned from performing any form of test during the season except straightline aero tests and promotional filming as part of agreed cost-saving measures.

Speaking to Reuters, Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery revealed that teams will be able to test their cars in May, allowing the firm to continue its development of the tyres used in F1.

He told the news provider. "We have also the mid-season test, as the teams have now agreed to, which will help us a lot, being able to get on 2012 cars mid-season.

"That will be a huge advantage for us because we can start already showing them tyres for 2013."

Pirelli are also set to conduct less private track testing next year having previously used a 2009 Toyota F1 car to gather data away from the public eye, with the firm now favouring the use of simulators. 

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