Pirelli could launch Q3 F1 tyres ‘immediately’

23rd May 2012

Formula One (F1) teams could be provided with Pirelli tyres specifically for qualifying in the near future.

Speaking to Autosprint, the tyre manufacturer's motorsport director Paul Hembery said the company is ready to begin producing so-called Q3 tyres on short notice, although he stressed that teams are reluctant to change the current qualifying format.

Current F1 rules mean cars must use the same tyres for qualifying and in the race, which has persuaded some teams to sit out the final qualifying session.

Commenting on the possibility of introducing Q3 tyres, Mr Hembery said: "We could do it immediately. We could come up with a specific compound, or maintain the current ones. But the teams say that the format is fine as is."

His remarks come shortly after Marco Tronchetti Provera of Pirelli told Italian radio station Rai GR Parlamento that a specific qualifying tyre could be launched for the 2013 F1 season.

However, he argued that the decision to make this move does not rest with Pirelli.

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