Pirelli looking to change tyre colour coding for F1 2012

15th September 2011

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli is planning to change the colour coding of its tyres for next season's Formula One (F1) season.

The firm, the official F1 tyre supplier, currently uses different colours for its four different tyre compounds – silver hard tyres, white medium tyres, yellow soft tyres and red super soft tyres.

However, spectators have often been unable to tell the difference between the medium and hard tyres, leaving Pirelli to re-think their colour choice.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli's director of motorsport, also revealed that tyre markings may be changed for the 2012 campaign.

"I think we need to have a little bit of variety there and we need to improve the marking, certainly in the harder and medium compound with the silver and white," he told Autosmart.

"So we need to differentiate that and give more colour, so the tyres are recognisable when they are going around. We are working on it." 

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