Pirelli nominates hard compound as option tyre at Indian Grand Prix

7th October 2011

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has announced that its hard compound will be the option tyre rather than the prime at the upcoming Indian Grand Prix.

Formula One (F1) teams are given access to 11 sets of Pirelli tyres per grand prix weekend, generally comprising five softer option sets and six harder primes. However, by designating the harder compound the prime tyre, drivers will be able to use six softs and five sets of hards.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director, claimed that the move was necessary to allow drivers to cope with the expected hot temperatures and abrasive surface at the new Buddh International Circuit

He said: "India is a big unknown for all the teams and ourselves, so we will also be taking the most durable hard tyre in order to cover every base."

Pirelli also confirmed that it will provide soft option tyres and medium primes for the final two races of the F1 season at Abu Dhabi and Brazil. 

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