Pirelli planning wider F1 tyres for 2014?

29th July 2013

Pirelli has announced that it is working on its range of tyres for use in the 2014 season of Formula One (F1).

The company has been criticised this season for the failure of its product, particularly during the Silverstone grand prix where a number of tyre blow-outs occurred during the race.

However, it may have been the case that the teams in the paddock were misusing the tyres in a bid to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Despite the uncertainty around the tyre situation in the sport, Pirelli has decided to manufacturer wider tyres for next season.

The 2014 competition will see the cars equipped with 1.6-litre V6 turbo-power engine units, which will put extra strain on the tyres during a race. In a bid to cope with this fact Pirelli is attempting to finalise the specification of next year's rubber.

Pirelli has requested early data from the teams in the paddock as the firm is working on its 2014 cars already, but the tyre company has only received information from five outfits, sparking concerns about the performance needed from the rubber next season.

One possible solution is a widening of the tyres for 2014, with Mercedes leading calls for this solution, as the team has been affected dramatically by tyre degradation this season.

While this may help Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, it is thought a number of teams will be against the idea as it will lead to a significant redesign of the suspension of all the cars on the grid, which is an expensive and time-consuming task.

Pirelli now has until October to finalise the plans for its tyre specifications ahead of the new season, but this will rely on the teams providing the latest data they have at their disposal.

This season has seen the heat play a major role in tyre problems and in a bid to combat the problems the manufacturer will run a series of hot-weather winter tests.

Pirelli's Paul Hembery said: "We have agreed that some of the (winter) tests will be in the Middle East, in hot weather, which from our point of view is progress even though we are talking about before the start of the season."