Pirelli puts camber issue to bed

14th September 2011

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has put an end to the controversy over camber settings in Formula One (F1).

Following the Belgian Grand Prix, where the Red Bull team suffered from tyre blistering after running extreme cambers, Pirelli approached the motor sports body FIA about limiting camber settings ahead of the race in Monza.

The FIA agreed to set a 3.25-degree limit on camber settings for the Italian Grand Prix in order to avoid a repeat of what happened in Belgium.

Speaking with Autosport, Pirelli director of motorsport Paul Hembery said that he was content with how the matter had been resolved.

"We felt that if we had a situation where somebody was going to exaggerate [the camber] too far, then you could feel uncomfortable so we asked the FIA to have the potential to make it mandatory," he said.

"The matter was a one-off though. We haven't had any issues before and probably if we had been to Spa and run in the dry then we would probably not have asked for it here." 

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