Pirelli seek test car for new tyres tryout in 2013 season

20th January 2012

Pirelli is currently seeking a suitable car to test its 2013 Formula One tyres, as the Italian firm continues to develop its new compounds for the popular motorsport.

At present, the firm is reportedly in talks with a number of racing teams over the use of a potential car for the test programme.

The new Pirelli tyres test vehicle is set to succeed the 2009 Toyota TF109 that was previously used in the sport.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery explained that much of the delay has come as teams within Formula One admit their reluctance to use their 2011 cars for testing.

According to Mr Hembery, the intense rivalry of the sport means some teams do not want to risk revealing important details about their cars which could allow others to take an advantage.

This concern comes despite all driving data being openly shared between teams and Pirelli using its own driver to test tyres.

Speaking to Autosport, Mr Hembery said: "We would like a 2011 car from somebody, but we don't really care who it is from.

"We want to do our testing with precision and feel that the older the car gets, the further away it is from a state of the art car."

The 2012 Formula One World Championship season is set to begin in March.

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