Pirelli seeks F1 rule change to reduce tyre wastage

6th September 2011

Italian firm Pirelli is seeking to change Formula One regulations in order to reduce tyre wastage.

The company is set to approach motor racing governing body FIA about limiting the number of tyres each team takes to a Grand Prix race.

Currently, each F1 driver has five sets of option tyres and six sets of hard tyres for each Grand Prix, with research from Pirelli revealing that the final set of hard rubber has never been used by any competing motorist.

"At the moment, if the teams want to keep the same regulations then we will have to go to the FIA and tell them there is no point in having six sets of one and five sets of the other we may as well have five and five and we save money," said Pirelli's director of motorsport, Paul Hembery.

Pirelli is yet to receive backing from any F1 teams over the move, with Mr Hembery claiming that the plans are not being supported as many are reluctant to change the current regulations. 

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