Pirelli shoulders further tyre blame at Monza

11th September 2012

Last weekend's Italian Grand Prix saw a familiar theme hitting the headlines as unfortunate F1 contenders blamed their lack of success on Pirelli's compounds for the current season.

Lewis Hamilton claimed a confident victory for McLaren at Monza, dominating the race from pole position with a single pit stop.

Current leader Fernando Alonso took third after teammate Felipe Massa made way for him midway through.
However, Massa insisted his fourth place finish was due to "difficult" tyre degradation.

"The big problem was the tyres. The degradation was really massive on our cars," he said.

"I expected better degradation so that was the biggest thing that happened today. Anyway it was a good result for us, third and fourth for the team was a good result."

While armchair critics might take that claim with a pinch of salt, Massa wasn't the only naysayer following the race – Mercedes' Nico Rosberg also blamed his sixth place finish on "a tyre set that didn't have any grip".

Pirelli stated earlier this month it is not planning any major changes for its 2013 compounds, with a test scheduled for later this month before any final decisions are made.

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