Pirelli tyres tested on outdated F1 car

22nd August 2012

Pirelli has given a new reason for the controversial short lifespan of its F1 tyres for this season – they were tested on a 2010 car.

Speaking to Brazilian publication TotalRace, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery explained that the company is forced to use a 2010 Renault model for test purposes because F1 teams cannot reach an agreement to supply Pirelli with a 2012 spec test car.

"Of course we don’t like to test with a two year old car, but it was a great battle even to get that,” he revealed, adding Pirelli had to wait 18 months to get the car in question.

Mr Hembery explained that the 2012 F1 cars have a different aerodynamic balance to the 2010 models, which impacts the amount of energy transferred to the tyres and subsequently alters their "relative temperature front to rear".

“The same tyres used on a 2010 car do not have the same level of challenge as there are several differences,” the racing boss stated.

So, is a lack of co-operation between competing F1 teams in the name of the sport really to blame for this season's fast-degrading rubber? Mr Hembery's statement also seem to contradict previous claims that the tyres were designed to encourage more eventful racing.

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