Pirelli underlines importance of tyre strategy at Monza

8th September 2011

Pirelli has underlined the importance of tyre strategy at the upcoming Italian Grand Prix.

Monza is currently one of the fastest tracks on the Formula One circuit, with cars able to reach an average speed of around 250kph, testing drivers, engineers and tyres to the limit.

Pirelli has chosen to bring its P Zero White medium tyres and P Zero Yellow soft tyres to its home race, with the tyres tailored for high-speed racing and enabling teams to employ different tyre strategies.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director, claimed that the track will provide a welcome challenge to the firm.

He said: "On a rapid circuit like Monza the tyre strategy is sure to be vital, as it's going to be hard to make up any time lost in the pits with the cars at full throttle for so much of the time.

"The versatility of the tyre is going to be a key element, as the rubber will have to cope with a wide range of conditions this weekend." 

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