Pirelli unveil tyres for Bahrain grand prix

Pirelli unveil tyres for Bahrain grand prix 1st April 2014

Pirelli has announced its choice of tyres for the Formula 1 (F1) grand prix in Bahrain this Sunday (April 6th).

Taking into account the harsh conditions that the racing cars will be under, Pirelli has selected the white-banded P Zero medium tyres and the white-banded P Zero soft tyres for the race.

Tarmac on the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir is known for being particularly harsh on tyres because it is so rough.

Drivers can also expect large temperature drops during the race, which can put strain on the tyres, due to the changed time of the race. It is due to start at 18:00 local time, which means that the race will begin during daylight and end in the dark; this could result in a drop in temperature of approximately 15 degrees C.

Pirelli and the F1 drivers have tested their tyres on the Sakhir circuit twice in recent times. However, the conditions of the track while racing in the dark are unknown at present.

Motorsport director for Pirelli Paul Hembrey said that the knowledge gathered from the recent tests at Bahrain will be beneficial. The medium and soft tyres were decided upon because it is known that the circuit causes a high demand on traction.

At the start of the race, temperatures are still expected to be very high but the drop could be a challenge.

Mr Hembrey said: "Managing that very wide range of temperatures to get the best out of the tyres is going to be one of the biggest challenges for the teams throughout the weekend. This should make it quite tactical in terms of strategy, so it should be a very interesting race from that point of view."

Consultant driver for Pirelli Jean Alesi said that to get the best out of the tyres, drivers need a "smooth and clean rhythm" and must watch out for degradation. His advice was based on his experience of driving on the Bahrain track during the Speedcar series.

Posted by Danielle Barge