Sam Michael plays down Pirelli tyre impact

2nd August 2013

Sam Michael, the sporting director of the McLaren Formula One (F1) team, has played down the role Pirelli's tyres had on the team's performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The company reverted back to its old tyre construction for the grand prix and many teams in the paddock saw improvements during the running of the race.

Michael told ESPN that the impact of the new tyres was "pretty neutral".

"If you look up and down the grid I don't think it's made a big difference," he added, despite the fact McLaren finished seventh and ninth in Hungary and were closer to the front runners.

He added. "We still need to be up there and seventh and ninth is good compared to where we've been [earlier in the season] but we need to be winning."

Jenson Button has claimed that the team is making rapid progress and may be in shape to fight for a podium at the next race in Belgium.

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