Twitter poll supports special qualifying tyres

16th August 2012

The debate over F1 qualifying tyres continues to rage online, with a recent Twitter poll flagging up racing fans' mixed feelings about the current system.

Twitter account F1_Fans_Updates asked its 2,840 followers whether F1 'should have special qualifying tyres to encourage more running', prompting 23 votes in favour of 'yes' and 16 for 'no'.

The issue of drivers opting out of the Q3 qualifying round in order to preserve the number of tyres available to them during the race proper has been hotly contested, with some suggesting fans are short-changed by tactical decisions taking precedence over the racing spectacle.

F1 bosses expressed their continued support for the existing rules back in May, rejecting a proposal that drivers who make it through to the final round of qualifying should be given an extra set of tyres for exclusive use in Q3.

"We think the rule we have now is okay. We also wouldn't be supporting extra tyres," stated Monika Kaltenborn, CEO of Sauber, at the time.

The question ties in with the debate over Pirelli's current tyres, which have drawn criticism for degrading faster.

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