Tyres not to blame for boring races, says Pirelli

16th September 2013

Formula One (F1) tyre manufacturer Pirelli has rubbished suggestions that a change in specifications has led to a lack of action in the most recent races in the sport.

The Italian manufacturer came under pressure mid-way through the season after a number of high-profiled tyre failures at Silverstone, with the drivers asking for assurances the compounds they were racing on were safe.

Recent races in Belgium and Italy have been something of a procession for three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, with many commentators and experts claiming Pirelli's decision to revert back to its 2012 tyre specification was to blame.

However, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery, has insisted there is no link between the decision and the recent lack of spectacle.

He said: "I thought the German and Hungarian Grands Prix were two of the best races we had ever had in Germany and Hungary – so I think that [complaint] is nonsense," reports Autosport.

"At the end of the day, Red Bull were leading the championship before [we changed tyres] and they are leading the championship now. So nothing has changed on that front."

Mr Hembery said Red Bull and Vettel should be congratulated for their recent performances, which has seen the German open up a commanding lead in the drivers' championship.

The reigning world champion was forced to drive the first stint of the Italian grand prix with a severe flatspot on one of his tyres after a first-corner lock-up. He also had some gear box issues but managed to nurse his car to the finish and claim 25 points.

"He is winning because he is a very good driver as well. It is up to the others to make the packages quicker. Red Bull has been on a bit of a roll, but next year there could be a bit of a reset and someone else will gain the momentum," Mr Hembery explained.

F1 has now finished the European leg of the season and will turn its attentions to the final seven races of the year, which includes Japan, Brazil, Singapore and India, which should all provide tyre challenges for Pirelli and the teams in the paddock.