UK sports car firm to expand

10th December 2012

Caterham is rapidly being developed, under the guidance of Malaysian airline owner Tony Fernandes, to produce a series of road cars.

Mr Fernandes had previously failed in an attempt to buy Lotus, and the billionaire has now turned his gaze to Caterham, with sights on building tens of thousands of own brand cars by 2020.

The company has already joined forces with Renault, to build a co-operative sports car. The cars will have almost identical mechanics under the body, but each company will produce its own style and shape.

Primarily, the focus will be on producing a range of “fun-related” Caterhams, but the company expects to branch out even further.

Caterham chief executive Mike Gascoyne told Autocar about the expansion plans:

“Anyone can see that a company making nothing but two seaters can’t hope to be very successful at present. Our cars will have other body styles. Our plan is to use Tony Fernandes’ contacts in Asia to sell cars into a specialist market that is expanding fast.”

According to Mr Gascoyne, the company’s future is in building road cars, with the hope that this will help to fund its Formula 1 team.

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Posted by Danielle Barge