V8 SuperTourers 2012 Championship to use F1-inspired tyre strategy

9th November 2011

The V8 SuperTourers Championship Series will introduce a Formula One-inspired tyre strategy next year, it has been revealed.

Paul Radisich, V8 SuperTourers' new chief executive, has revealed that teams competing at the first sprint round of the season will be able to use two sets of Hankook's F200 softer option tyres and one set of their harder prime tyre.

The softer option tyre must be used at some stage during the qualifying session, while the harder prime tyre can be used at any point over the race weekend.

In the remaining three sprint races, teams will only be able to buy one set of the softer option tyre and the harder prime tyre.

"The only exception to the rule will be the intervention of the 'rain gods' which, depending on the weather forecast for both Saturday and Sunday, may throw a further curve ball at the teams," Mr Radisich said.

"It will not stop the cream from rising to the top but it will spice up the racing and add huge interest for spectators, as has been the case with a similar rule in F1."

The V8ST Sprint Championship Series will begin in February 2012 at the Hampton Downs race circuit in Auckland. 

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