Winter car safety checks

3rd October 2012

Firefighters are being employed to help the public become more aware of the importance of safe driving in the winter months.

As the cold weather closes in, many drivers’ priority is to get into their vehicle as quickly as possible and reach their destination, and they may neglect to check if their car is roadworthy.

Modern vehicles can give people a false sense of security, and the scheme, reported by, is aimed at targeting those drivers who may ignore the state of their car at their peril.

Frances Egerton, a fire service officer with Cheshire East, said: "It's all too easy to forget to keep an eye on basic car maintenance, especially on cold, dark mornings and evenings when we're busy getting to and from work or doing the school run.”

Mr Egerton advised drivers to check that their headlights are working properly, make sure they have a clean windscreen and the correct tyre pressure.

He suggested that those simple measures could help drivers to avoid a “serious collision”.

People need to be aware that when the roads are icy and wet, they should give themselves additional time to break, he warned.

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