World Rally Championship events to introduce new ‘safer’ tyre compound

rally 7th December 2011

From 2012 World Rally Championship (WRC) events will feature a compound of tyre aimed at increasing driver safety, the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has announced.

The announcement follows calls from drivers for the introduction of rubber compound Michelin tyres as part of improved safety measures during adverse weather conditions.

There was uproar among drivers at the Australian rally earlier this year when heavy rain made it increasingly difficult to find grip on the track.

These problems were down to the hard compound tyres that race rules said they were required to use.

However, the WMSC has today ruled to loosen the regulations surrounding tyre use in the WRC in a bid to cater to the demands of those teams involved in the sport.

An official statement said: "The WMSC agreed that, for safety reasons, a total of ten tyres of a different compound may be used in place of the nominated compound."

The statement added: "The total quantity of tyres to be used during an event will however not change."

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Posted by Danielle Barge