Young F1 driver sees big difference in 2012 tyres

16th November 2011

A young Formula One (F1) driver has claimed there is a big difference in the performance of the prototype 2012 tyres compared to their predecessor.

Robert Wickens was able to directly compare the two compounds on the first day of the Young Driver Test in Abu Dhabi.

The Canadian star was driving for Renault, having previously represented Virgin at the free practice before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and managed to finish third in the test event.

"I was surprised how different the Pirelli Prototype 2012 was compared to the normal 2011 tyre," he said.

"I did a long run at the end with heavy fuel and I was able to do a very consistent 20 lap run towards the end of the day on the soft tyre, which is a good sign for next year I think."

Wickens added that the test event gave him an invaluable chance to gain a greater understanding of the new Pirelli tyres ahead of next year.

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