ATS Euromaster warns fuel costs dragging businesses and motorists down

21st March 2012

ATS Euromaster has hit out at chancellor George Osborne's decision to go ahead with a planned rise in the fuel duty for motorists in the UK.

The firm, which supplies tyre fitting and MOT test services, hit out at the plans which will see a 3.02 pence per litre rise in fuel duty.

Due to take effect from August 1st 2012, the current 20 per cent rate of VAT will mean petrol pump prices will rise almost four pence per litre.

ATS Euromaster had previously hoped that the chancellor of the exchequer would offer haulage businesses and motorists some relief from the rising cost of petrol, however this now looks an unlikely prospect.

Commenting on the expected increase, group managing director Ian Stuart described the decision as "a bitter blow" to drivers.

“The Chancellor has let motorists and businesses down, but it’s critical the same thing doesn’t happen to your tyres," he said.

Tyre condition and fuel efficiency are inextricably linked. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a car, van or truck – get your pressures right, and you’ll save fuel.”

Posted by Danielle Barge